MTS Investigations has become a leader in the industry by providing professional and quality insurance investigations to local, national and international insurance agencies for two decades.  MTS Investigations has the experience and proven methods to provide you with the information and documentation you need in surveillance, workers compensation, witness locate, statement taking, and accident scene photos/mapping (LOCUS).  We are also one of the few agencies in New England that provides open water surveillance and dive services. When results matter, you can rely on MTS Investigations.

Fraud Investigations

Do you have a case that you question the legitimacy of the claim?

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Witness Locate & Interviews

Do you need help tracking down a witness or obtaining a statement?

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Accident Photos & Documentation

Do you need photographic evidence of an accident scene, or measurements and layout of the scene?

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Marine Investigations & Dive Services

Does one of your claims involve a boat accident? Do you need underwater evidence?

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Cell Phone Forensics

Do you need Cell Phone Forensics to aid in an insurance claim?

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Other Services

MTS Investigations offers a wide range of other investigative services.

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Constable & Process Services

As an appointed Constable, MTS Investigations can provide you with constable and process services for your criminal and civil needs.   We provide reliable and professional services for Attorney's, landlords, business owners and individuals including warrants, evictions, restraining order, divorce papers and Demands.