MTS Investigations has been providing quality investigative services to attorneys and their clients in Family and Probate Court proceedings, criminal and civil litigations, and insurance cases for two decades.  Our experience, high success rate and professionalism makes MTS Investigation highly sought after in the industry for investigative services in infidelity, cohabitation, custody disputes, alimony, workers compensation, witness locate, accident scene recreation, and cell phone forensics.

Surveillance Investigations

Do you have a client that needs surveillance evidence to help with their case?

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Locate & Interviews

Do you need help locating a witness, delinquent spouse or an individual to serve notice?

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Accident Photos & Documentation

Do you need photographic evidence of an accident scene, or information regarding the layout and measurements of the scene?

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Marine Surveillance & Dive Services

Does your case involve surveillance on the open water or obtaining underwater evidence?

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Cell Phone Forensics

Do you need Cell Phone Forensics to aid in a case?

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Financial Forensics

Do you need to obtain financial records or proof of earnings for your client?

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Custodial Exchange

Do you have a client that is concerned for their safety or the safety of their children due to another family member?

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CPCS / Indigent Services

Do you provide legal services to indigent persons that need investigative services?

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Other Services

MTS Investigations offers a wide range of other investigative services.

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Constable & Process Services

As an appointed Constable, MTS Investigations can provide you with constable and process services for your criminal and civil needs.   We provide reliable and professional services for Attorney's, landlords, business owners and individuals including warrants, evictions, restraining order, divorce papers and Demands.