Cell Phone & Tablet Forensics

MTS Investigations has experienced through various investigations how easy it is for someone to install spyware on your cell phone from anywhere around the world. Simply opening a text message can install harmful spyware and allow someone to spy though your cell phone. Spyware can track your location; listen through a phone’s microphone and record your conversations, calls and meetings; and access your camera on a phone all in real time. It can retrieve text messages, emails and steal photos and videos without your knowledge.

MTS Investigations has the ability to come to you and perform on site comprehensive spyware scans. The scans take only minutes, the phone never leaves your possession, and no one else views any of the contents on the phone. This equipment can also recover lost and deleted calls, texts and pictures as well as the phones’ historical locations. This information may be needed as evidence in an employee termination or harassment claim, or legal situation.

MTS Investigations can be your source for these critical phone, tablets and computer services, including full data extraction, data recovery, video enhancement and image processing with the ability to detect alterations in video or photographic evidence.

Employee Termination

During an Employee Termination it may be necessary to have extra safeguards in place to prevent a situation from escalating.

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As a corporation or business owner there may be a time when additional oversight of your staff becomes necessary.

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Cell Phone & Tablet Forensics

Did you know that Spyware on your cell phone can track your location, listen to your conversations, and access your camera and phone’s content?

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Active Shooter Survival Training

Do you know what to do if a person entered your building with a weapon?

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Mystery Shop

Are you wondering what goes on in your business when you are not there? Do you suspect theft or inappropriate behaviors? Maybe you just want to assess the quality of service.

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Executive Protection

MTS Investigations can provide you assistance and protection during employee terminations, death threats or civil situations.

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TSCM / Electronic Device Detection "Bug Sweep"

Do you suspect someone is stealing company secrets? Do you feel that private conversations or meeting details are some how known to others? The possibility of someone wiretapping your office or car could be real. Everyday tasks or visitors can put your company at risk. Your employees’ privacy may also be at risk with hidden cameras being discovered in discreet (covert) locations.

These hidden devices use to be a very costly and hard to obtain, but now they are affordable, accessible and more advanced then ever with audio and video recorders as small as a pencil tip, transmitters sending cellular signals around the world, and spyware easily installed on your computer or phone.

MTS Investigations can protect and safeguard your company’s secrets and the well being of your employees with regular "bug sweeps" of your facilities, offices, board rooms, bathrooms, vehicles and cellphones to help eliminate these risks.

Personal & Executive Protection

MTS Investigations provides both Personal and Executive Protection to assist and protect clients from harm during employee terminations, death threats or civil situations where a uniformed officer may feel aggressive.  MTS Investigations can provide armed and unarmed protection services during daily activities, travel or a special event for individuals, CEO, celebrities and royalty, as well as the protection of your property.