Cell Phone & Tablet Forensics

Simply opening an unassuming text message can install harmful spyware and allow someone to spy through your device. Spyware can track locations; listen through your phone’s microphone or record calls, conversations and meetings; record videos through your phone’s camera in real time; retrieve text messages and emails; and steal your photos and videos.

MTS Investigations has the equipment to come to you and perform onsite comprehensive spyware scans.  These scans take only minutes, the phone never leaves your possession, and no one else views any of the contents on the phone.  This technology can also recover lost or deleted calls, texts and pictures as well as the phone’s historical locations that may be needed as evidence or peace of mind.  MTS Investigations can be your source for these critical services, including full data extraction, data recovery, video enhancement and image processing, with the ability to detect alterations in video or photographic evidence.


Do you believe your spouse or partner is being untruthful, secretive or unfaithful?

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Custodial Exchange

During the unsettled times of separation or divorce, the welfare and safety of your children may be at risk.

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Financial Forensics

Do you feel like your partner or spouse is being dishonest regarding their earnings or savings? Do you think they may be hiding funds or investments without your knowledge?

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Cell Phone & Tablet Forensics

Did you know that someone can install spyware on your cell phone or tablet from anywhere around the world?

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Maritime Surveillance

Has your partner or spouse ever said that they were going fishing or heading to a marina for the weekend but you question who they are with?

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Missing Person/Locate

How many times have you thought “I wonder what ever happened to…?” Or need to locate a relative or an ex.

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TSCM / Electronic Device Detection “Bug Sweep”

Have you recently separated or divorced?  Do you feel that your private conversations, activities or locations are some how known by your ex?  Do you ever feel like they are watching your movements whether at home or out?

The possibility of your ex violating your privacy could be real.  With today’s technology and the ease of obtaining tiny audio and video cameras, it is possible for hidden devices to be in your home or vehicle.  MTS Investigations can perform a bug sweep to see if there are any hidden devices or transmitters in your home, or if your car has a GPS tracking device, or your cell phone has been hacked with spyware that tracks and records your private information.  These risks are real.

Other Services

  • Cohabitation/Alimony
  • Personal Protection
  • GPS Tracking
  • Covert Camera